Brynn & Michael

After spending years long-distance, and then the curveball of COVID-19 restrictions, this long-enduring and absolutely lovely couple finally got to have their wedding celebration, witnessed by those most important to them. They put so much thoughtfulness not only in their celebration day, but into their loved ones. Many congratulations to the bride and groom on a beautiful start to your marriage!

Jordan and Kaelin

I remember watchfully noting Kaelin and Jordan’s interactions as “just friends” in a forest as our group was chased down by an angry pheasant (which was actually more terrifying than it seems). I also remember literally flocking to Kaelin’s knee when she told me that Jordan had asked her out. And now I am so thrilled for these two as they are officially wed! It is such a blessing to be surrounded by loving friends and family, and these two have no shortage of that. Much love to you both!